Hi there. My name is Alina, I am an IDP from Kyiv, and now I study in Lviv.

I had to leave my house because it was terrifying and dangerous there.  At first, I had to go to a village near Borodianka, where you could hear explosions every single day. At the last minute when we were leaving the village, Russian tanks entered it. 

After I enrolled in a local school, I felt devastated since I couldn’t see my friends, who were also surrounded by shelling and explosions. I have to study remotely because no one knows when a missile may hit. I have good classmates, but I often feel like a stranger here.

I don’t really get the new curriculum that I am currently studying. I don’t like remote classes because physical contact with a person is essential to me.  I feel even more devastated looking through my phone screen because I come to realize why I have to study remotely in a different city nowadays.


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