Lisa, 14 years old, story about a month in occupied Borodyanka. There was only one thought in my head: ” For what?”.

My name is Lisa, I am 14 years old, and I would like to tell my story about the month I spent in occupied Borodianka. The first days of the war were okay, we didn’t even believe that the war had started, but when Russian troops entered Borodyanka, it got worse. We had no electricity, no internet, no heat, or cell service. It was freezing and scary. We cooked food on the fire from those goods we could still eat. We were saved by the fact that there were 3 barrels of water. The worst thing was when you heard shots and explosions and did not know whether they would blow over or not. One day I was sitting at home and suddenly heard terrible explosions. My mother ran to my room and told me to run quickly to the basement. I saw shells falling incessantly not far from us when I went outside. We were constantly hiding in the basement for fear that something would hit our house, and it didn’t matter day or night. I remember the night I went to the basement, and they started firing very close. The Russian military also came to us. When I saw them, I was terrified and nervous. They came into our house and began to inspect it. I think we were fortunate that they did nothing with us. Day after day, the Russians bombed my city more and more, torturing people and animals. When our defenders liberated the village, I was literally on cloud nine. I was ready to hug every Ukrainian soldier I saw.

When we went to the center of Borodyanka before the streets were cleaned, I was horrified with tears in my eyes. There was only one thought in my head: ” For what?”. Now I live in Kyiv with the hope that everything will end. Once I could not even think that I would feel hatred for someone. But now I hate every Russian for forcing Ukrainians to go through hell. I hate that they are silent at a time when there is a genocide against the Ukrainian people. I will never forget and will not forgive them like every Ukrainian. I hope my story helped you.