“I don’t understand, why I have to study remotely in a foreign city nowadays” – Alina, IDP from Kyiv

Alina, a 9th-grade student from Kyiv, who fled to a village near Lviv, student of Teach For Ukraine fellow

Hi there. My name is Alina, I am an IDP from Kyiv, and now I study in Lviv. I had to leave my house because it was terrifying and dangerous there. First, we went to the village near Borodianka. Explosions were deafening there every day. Then at the last minute, before Russian tanks occupied the town, we left it. After enrolling in the local school, I felt devastated since I couldn’t see my friends, who were also surrounded by shelling and explosions. I have to study remotely because no one knows when a missile may hit. I have good classmates, but I often feel like a stranger here. I don’t really get the new curriculum that I am currently studying. I don’t like remote classes because physical contact with a person is essential to me. I feel even more devastated looking through my phone screen because I have come to realize why I have to study remotely in a strange city nowadays.